The MAXTRAX is designed to maximize the horsepower from your MX bike. It’s lightweight design improves acceleration, due to it’s reduced rotating mass. The 2.5” deep lug design helps float on the powder snow, providing you lift. Shortened, rectangle shaped fibreglass support rods in the track flex, helping you corner. 20” profiled radius design matches your MAXKEEL ski to give you the ultimate in handling regardless of condition.

MAXTRAK is available in 4 lengths: 

120” MAXTRAX - weighs 28.25 lbs

129” MAXTRAX - weighs 30.3 lbs

137” MAXTRAX - weighs 32.3 lbs

146" MAXTRAX - weighs 34.5 lbs



MAXTRAX II, the evolution of the MAXTRAX’s original design. The YETI team has listened to our customers feedback and tweaked the original design, enhancing the tracks ability to cut through the crusted snow by adding towers to the outside of each of our paddles. 

These outer paddle towers add stiffness to each paddle, allowing the track to cup and scoop more snow in the powder,  to stand up taller giving more floatation, and the enhanced stiffness of the MAXTRAX II cuts through the crusted snow with ease.

But we did not rest with this new enhancement. In addition to the track paddle changes which added a tiny bit of weight, we removed all the unnecessary inner drive lugs from the edge of the track, and narrowed the track slightly to remove more weight, keeping the MAXTRAX II the same weight as the MAXTRAX.

Each YETI assembly is constantly tested, evaluated and maximized to provide you with the very best snowmx product.



MAXTRAK II is available in 3 lengths: 

120” MAXTRAX - weighs 28.25 lbs

129” MAXTRAX - weighs 30.3 lbs

137” MAXTRAX - weighs 32.3 lbs



The track tension should be measured in the middle of the track, by pushing down with 20lbs of force and 3/4” deflection.

If the track is too loose it will ratchet on the drivers, and if it does this, stop and tighten it. If the track is too tight, it could possibly limit the suspension travel, and this over tension could cause excessive slider wear.

MAXTRAX and MAXTRAX II are both 2.86 pitch tracks.


Q: Why do you only have a middle paddle lug every third pattern?

A: We have aimed at having the lightest track with the lowest reciprocating weight, which takes the least amount of horsepower to rotate. We also believe that the pressure of snow per lug on the track  also helps climb and load the motor. It is like the bed of nails theory, you can lay down on a bed of nails without too much pressure per nail, but remove have half of the nails you have much more pressure per nail. The amount of fresh snow each lug can grab and pull helps pull the bike ahead.

Your MX bike only has one cylinder, lets free up as much horsepower as possible.


Q: Why did you build the MAXTRAX II, when the MAXTRAX worked so good in the powder?

A: We have had lots of customers tell us not to mess with the MAXTRAX as it floated up on the fresh powder great, and provided good floatation and quick revolution. The MAXTRAX performed great in the fluffy powder we all dream of, especially in the higher elevations of Colorado, Utah and the mountains of B.C.

Although you cannot build one track to suit all snow conditions perfectly, we tweaked the original design with Camso’s help to make the MAXTRAX II, a track that performs much better in the harder crusted snow conditions that many riders have in the warmer, and lower elevation riding areas.

MAXTRAX II is the same weight at the MAXTRAX’s original design. This new design enhancement   cuts through the harder crusted snow, plus it cups the powder in the lighter snow conditions propelling you ahead like never before. We have aimed HIGHER to make our track BETTER working on exceeding your expectations again.


Q: Why does the MAXTRAX flex and corner so well without a flex arm suspension?

A: The special shaped rectangle rods that we have placed in the MAXTRAX flex easily vs. todays standard design of a “D” shaped rod. Picture the “D” shape sitting on it’s back, it is very strong against flexing vs the MAXTRAX’s easily flexed, rectangle rod shape. This flex, combined with the 20 degree arc of the bottom of the track allow you to corner like you have a tire on the back.