3 carbon fiber ¼” blades, 27 titanium bolts,  (10) 5 axis CNC machined 6061 aluminum parts, attach your maxkeel ski to the front forks of your mx bike, giving you the ultimate in design, and handling while making a statement that you care about the details.

Need to move your bike around easily, by yourself, with little effort? The spindle assembly has been designed around the freewheel kit right from the start, 30 seconds to install and remove by yourself. Nothing is easier and stronger, period! Designed from the start to have strength with functional design, the yeti ski spindle has been tested to the breaking point and back many times.


The YETI Spindle is installed as a complete assembly in a rotating, motion holding the spindle at a 45 degree angle. Watch the installation video.

The carbon blades do flex, and it is possible for the bolts to work loose over time. Check all the 12mm bolt heads every few rides, and snug them up. Proper torque on these bolts is 18-20 ft/lbs.