The Freewheel kit allows you to move, load or unload your YETI SnowMX bike easily. The Freewheel kit can be installed and removed in 30 seconds or less, one handed. The Freewheel kit is a very handy YETI SnowMX accessory regardless of what brand of snow kit you ride. No tools are required for installation or removal. Each Freewheel kit comes with 10” rims, mx tires, machined, zinc coated axle, quick function “T” bolt, and it has been tested to be drop out of your truck and onto the wheels. This kit allows you to ride from your point of departure up to the snow and will help to preserve your ski skag. No other product had made maneuvering your YETI SnowMX bike easier.


When using the Freewheel kit on an open air trailer or in the back of your truck box, be sure to keep the axle and axle spacer lubed with WD-40 so it does not corrode and become sticky. It is zinc coated not to rust but it can corrode with salt over time.

If you are having a hard time getting the axle through the wheel, we have seen the collar that is between the two bearings in the wheel fall down between the bearings, and does not line up for the axle to go through. If that is the problem remove one of the wheel bearings, and remove the collar, and discard it.

When riding on the FREEWHEEL kit, you will find it easier to balance on one wheel rather than try drive on two at the same time. Sit side saddle and balance, this will make riding easy.


Q: I find it hard to put the axle through the wheel, it gets stuck in there sometimes, why?

A: We have noticed on some of the wheels, that the spacer collar between the two wheel bearings sometimes has a ridge in it. This ridge seems to vary, it is the pipe seam. You can fix this two ways. One, you can just remove the bearing and pull the spacer collar out and discard it. Two, you can file or die grind the seam out of the collar. We have found the collar is good if you will be driving on the FREEWHEEL kit, otherwise it is not needed.

Q: I have noticed the axle spacer gets stuck sometimes when I try to remove it.

A: Even though we have zinc coated the FREEWHEEL axle, we have noticed that when you are trailering out in the environment, salt builds up and causes the collar to stick. If you just spray a bit of WD-40 on the axle and collar this will eliminate any corrosion or sticking.


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