The YETI SnowMX driveshaft is made from Titanium for the ultimate in strength and weight savings, the team at YETI continues to push the limits of the strength to weight limits.

The YETI Jackshaft is splined, and made from 1144 stress relived steel and clear zinc coated to eliminate corrosion. All shaft bearing surfaces are precision machined to a press fit spec to meet the tolerance requirement of fag bearing. (2/10’s of a thousands)

YETI SnowMX also offers a titanium Jackshaft upgrade, which is drilled through for extra lightweight, strength. The titanium Jackshaft is also available as an upgrade to your YETI as a Customer Appreciation Upgrade.

Press fit shafts also add structural strength to the assembly. Our syncrodrive gears are held in with a custom 17mm head titanium bolt with 12mm fine thread, and a built in bellview washer, that pre load each bearing with .010” crush. The bolts in the end of the shafts do little to no work, are not loctite in, and can be easily removed for quick gear changes.

The jackshaft, at 5.5” long is completely encased within a .140” thick carbon fiber enclosure, and supported by a cnc’d 6061 bearing on the inside which is supported by the carbon and the billet tunnel plates, it might as well be in concrete, it will never be subject to flex at all. Shafts that are not subject to flex, deliver more power, and last longer. We have not seen a bearing failure or even signs of one starting in four winters of riding, your bearings will last seasons of abuse in a YETI.

The drive side of the jackshaft is supported by our 7075 aluminum, custom extruded, machined, anodized drive plate. This plate also has blind holes to allow easy disassembly and removal of your chain sprocket or jack shaft in less than a few minutes with our special yeti tool, designed to make servicing your YETI a breeze.

You will also find high quality components such as a Wilwood brake caliper, custom titanium fasteners, a steel braided brake line, and a custom brake to complete the YETI drive assembly.

 The YETI brake system, located on the driveshaft is an extra guarantee that if you ever broke a drive chain or belt, you will still have brakes on your YETI SnowMX equipped bike.

 By keeping the yeti brake caliper on the driveshaft, inside the track, we have eliminated the snow from sticking to it, which gives you a brake lever that never fades or needs to be pumped to get it to work. Brakes that work, each and every time you grab them, with a feel like you are used to on the dirt.


The YETI Driveshaft Assembly requires no maintenance, other than visual inspection. 

Each shaft is press fit into the bearing, and to remove it requires the YETI special tool (YAAC1946) this tool kit is specially made for the YETI to easily remove and install both shafts, and or bearings. Watch the video’s below to see how to perform these operations.

When changing the SYNCRODRIVE gears, be sure to tighten the M12 bolt with the 17mm head to at least 45ft/lbs of torque.


Q: How long should the bearing last in the YETI Driveshaft Assembly?

A: At this time we have not seen a bearing failure in many winters of riding and testing the YETI SnowMX. Each system uses a high quality FAG bearing that is press fit according to the bearing manufacture’s specifications. Due to the low cost and ease of replacement, you may want to set up your own bearing replacement schedule.


Q: Do I need to grease the bearings in the YETI?

A: The FAG bearings are sealed, high quality bearings with high quality grease, that do not require maintenance. Do not remove the seal and add grease to these bearings, they come from the factory with the correct amount of grease for their lifetime.


Q: How do I change the brake pads in my YETI?

A: Changing the brake pads is an easy 5 min job with the YETI special tool YAAC1946. Watch the video under YETI Tech Tips for more info.