Our passion drives innovation and customer service every day!

A decade of Snowbike riding has fuelled so many new ideas it is just a matter of time before the YETI SNOWMX is back at the top! Again!

Our original MOTTO was "Better, Faster, Higher !"

We wanted to be "Better" than the competition, "Faster" on the trail or on the track than everyone else while providing rider ski placement confidence and climb "Higher" on the mountain than our competitors kits each time you pulled a line!

However the bar keeps on rising and the team at YETI SNOWMX is  jacked to get on the throttle tube and innovate again! It has been 5 years since the last innovations that we were able to put into a snowbike kit, but now we can take the last 5 years of ideas and start to test and implement ideas as we work to earn your business and provide the lightest, most reliable* snowbike kit on the market ( *according to our rental customers).

We know that in the beginning, we were always under pressure to push the designs ahead ( 4 complete generations of kits in 5 years), Kevin, Jamie and the team worked late nights for 5 years designing and re-designing non-stop always under the gun to make the best parts possible. We threw out many parts that we improved with out ever running them when we came up with a better design. We pushed our own limits to bring you the very best parts possible, many times at our expense.  Sometimes we pushed out changes that we had not tested enough wtih enough riders to get a confident feel on the 'decision made'. We made huge efforts to ride in snow late in June or July on marginal snow, always working to push the designs ahead.

Today, we are 100% committed to thoroughly test each change we make with multiple riders for an entire winter to give you the best YETI SNOWMX kit possible! The only pressure we have is to build the best snowbike kit we can be proud of each time you see it, ride it and kick ass on it! It should make you smile each time you look at in your garage just as much as it performs on the hill.

Our goal is to be the premier kit in the market, one that performs the best, weighs the least, is built with the highest quality of components and is the most reliable wtih the best value dollar for dollar in the market. Those are easy things to say, but we aim each day to live up to those goals, to succeed!

It was a great ride last time before we sold the product line! Join us now on our journey to the top with the YETI SNOWMX!

We are doing this because we want to see how far we can push the envelope,  just FUELLED passion!

Let's see where this goes,

  "It's going to be interesting !!!"